Do I need a Registered / Resident Agent?

A registered agent (also known as a resident agent in Massachusetts) is required for all registered businesses (like an LLC or corporation) to accept service of process on behalf of the business and receive communication from the state.  Service of process is when a party initiates a lawsuit and provides requisite notice of the action to the opposing party.  This is typically hand delivered by a sheriff or third party.  When filing your entity, and each year for your annual report, you are required to provide the name and street address of your registered agent.  In most states this is a public record.  If one is not included on your filing it will be rejected.

In many states, including Massachusetts, you can either serve as your own registered agent or hire a third party.  The requirements to serve as a registered agent are as follows:

  • Individual over the age of 18;
  • someone available in person during normal business hours (9am-5pm) 5 days a week to accept service of process;
  • a state resident or state entity that provides registered / resident agent services; and
  • has a physical street address (no PO Boxes).

Can you serve as my registered agent?

Typically, clients want their attorney to serve as their resident agent so they are instantly aware if an action against their client has been initiated.  Trident Legal provides resident agent services in Massachusetts which include:

  • Filing with the state as your resident agent;
  • Use of the street address as your resident agent (note you still need your own street address for your registered office);
  • Acceptance of service of process on behalf of your company;
  • Receipt of state communication on behalf of your company;
  • Notification by your attorney upon service; and
  • Scanned copies of all documents securely transmitted.

If you would like to find out more about obtaining registered agent services from Trident Legal please contact us by completing this form.

Registered agent services are $150/year.

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