Sofia S. Lingos, Esq. | Managing Attorney.

With over a decade of providing representation to small businesses, entrepreneurs and start-ups I have a passion for providing accessible legal services to ensure their protection and promote growth.  I believe that employing a client-centric approach is critical to a successful partnership between a client and counsel.  I strive to eliminate the barriers established by the legal system and ensure clarity throughout the process.  I welcome any questions and an opportunity to introduce myself.

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Beverly Falco, Esq. | Law Clerk.

I know the legal system can be difficult. I am dedicated to ensuring all clients receive accessible, personalized services. I am a recent graduate from Northeastern University School of Law, where I pursued dual concentrations in Labor, Work, and Income and Poverty Law and Economic Justice. My practice focuses on employment and small-business concerns. Prior to law school, I served as a community educator, working with a variety of stakeholders and facilitating client-centered training programs throughout the state of California.  I strategically helped inform, equip, and develop individuals to be effective and successful in their organizations.  I am excited to work with you and discover how we can achieve your business goals together.